What should be the pulse during cardio training?

It will be interesting for you to know what pulse should be when cardio training for fat burning, which actually determines the burning of the fat layer, and where to start. Well, well, we’re starting.

I wonder what you know about cardio? If nothing or so, from the head heard / heard by the edge of the ear, then I’d better remind.

So, cardio is a training not only of the body (musculoskeletal system), but also of certain body systems: respiratory, circulatory (cardiovascular), metabolism.

With this cardio training can improve such physical qualities as endurance, speed, agility and strength in some ways.

Predominantly cardio prevails aerobic exercise or aerobic activity (running, swimming, cycling, aerobics and others). Well, if you really just talk, then cardio can be learned from rapid breathing and heartbeat, which is very rarely seen in strength training, and only for an unprepared person. I hope I did not miss anything.



Why is the pulse important in cardio?

Pulse plays a leading role in cardio, especially when burning fat. You will ask why? I’ll tell you – fat is burned much more efficiently if the heart rate is within a certain norm, which I’ll discuss below. Are you interested in something?


Human pulse
Human pulse


To all of the above, you can add that the measurement of the pulse can help you keep yourself “within”, or rather your condition. It is very easy to change from a normal state to a bad state of health in just a few minutes.

Increasing or lowering the heart rate may indicate excessive or insufficient exercise, respectively. Therefore, I recommend that you buy a heart rate monitor.

What is a heart rate monitor?

This is a special device that is attached to the wrist (very tightly) to accurately measure the heart beat frequency. It is used for normal running, bicycle riding, swimming (if it is waterproof).

There are a lot of options for pulse meters, I advise, read about them and pick up an individual.


pulse meter
Pulse meter


If you prefer to do cardio on treadmills, elliptical exercise machines or exercise bikes, then on both handles there are special metal sensors that display your heartbeat on the screen if you put your hands on them. Do you know which is better to choose from these simulators?

But, as a rule, do not rely on the data received from such sensors, especially if it is a budget simulator. Still, it is better to use a personal heart rate monitor.

What is the optimal pulse

I often ask what the pulse of an ordinary, average person should be. That’s why I introduced this section in this article. I will tell you this: the pulse of each person is calculated by the formula, because it is different for everyone, and it is difficult to draw a common feature due to many factors.

The formula looks like this: from 220 take your age in whole years. So, for a person aged 35 years, the pulse will be optimal 185. Do you see? Now you can calculate yours in a calm state, and tomorrow on a jog or exercise, measure in the active.


What is the optimal pulse
What is the optimal pulse


Pulse for burning fat

As I said, with certain heart rate limits, and this is 60 – 70% of the maximum, fat is burned much more efficiently than at 80%, for example.

This “phenomenon” has reasonable explanations, which you should not delve deeply into. Just believe. Also fat burning depends on the duration of cardio. Half-hour training at a heart rate of 65% will be much more effective in terms of burning fat than a 15-minute, but at a heart rate of 85%. Then it’s cardio, so that without harm to health, make the body better, and the body slimmer.

How can I vary my heart rate with cardio?

I want to tell you one trick. For even more effective fat burning, the load (tempo, intensity) needs to be changed. So, after 5 minutes of jogging at a pulse of 65%, you can make a minute acceleration, at which the pulse rises to 85%. After – reduce it again to 65% of the usual for you to run.

This technique can be used not only during running. It is these stressful accelerations that cause the body to split its subcutaneous reserves with effort. But do not overdo it – after about a minute of intensive training, burning fat falls and begins to have a negative effect on the body – there may be health problems.

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Also I would advise you to do cardio in the morning, on an empty stomach. This is due to the fact that in the morning the body has the greatest absorption, which will force the body to use its reserves. And if you eat before day or evening training even for 3 – 4 hours, then in the first place will be used as energy used calories from food. Do you need it? After all, we are talking about burning subcutaneous fat.


Pulse with cardio to burn fat – a thing is very important. Believe me. Do not economize in such matters if you are serious about your sporting activities and health.