Three-day split for men and girls in the gym

So, today I will tell you what a three-day split is for a mass, the feature of which is the division into men and women. Naturally, I will give an explanation of what the word “split” means, and I will also build a three-day training program in detail.

Have you ever wondered why top bodybuilders and bodybuilders look so wonderful? By “wonderful looking” I mean impressive body volumes, developed musculature and a minimum of subcutaneous fat. And it is about how to achieve an increase in musculature, this article will be discussed.



Features of the three-day program for mass

What is split training – I’ll talk just below. The main features of the program for men is that this program can be used every week for several months (up to six months), subject to a proportional increase in the weight of the weighting agents, the number of approaches and repetitions. For women, this program can also be used for a long time with a change in the weight of the weighting agents, the number of sets and repetitions, and also the gradual decrease in the rest time (bringing it to a minimum of 1 minute). But it is worth noting that the increase in weight in women will be an order of magnitude lower because of the low level of testosteronein their body.


Bench press
Bench press


Another feature is that the program can be varied in complexity. You know, there should be such trainings or even whole weeks of active rest. This is when you are engaged, but your body is mostly resting. In this case, one week per month can be given for a similar rest, without changing the program’s exercises, and reducing the weight of sports equipment to 50% of the maximum. That is, if at one time you press 100 kilograms, then on a week of rest you can harvest 50. Stimulate the muscles, but does not overexert them, giving the opportunity to rest and recover. A similar situation for other exercises, even isolating.

It is imperative that between each training there are at least 48 hours of rest (according to the principle day after day or training day, rest, training day). A certain group of muscles is trained once a week. The principle of “more training equals more mass” is inappropriate here. Secretly, he is nowhere inappropriate – catabolic processes play against a progressive set of dry weight. We also recommend: What is endurance?

If you want to do everything right, then every week you need to start with the chest and triceps. A back with biceps and legs with shoulders can be interchanged periodically. This is due to the fact that after the weekend, as a rule, more strength, and by the end of the week there are fewer. Therefore, special attention should be paid to the breast and triceps muscles.

What does “split” mean

From English, the word “split” means split. Accordingly, split training is a separate workout. In this case, we share specific muscle groups by day and train them separately from each other. For example, the pectoral muscles train one day with triceps, but in different with the back or biceps muscles of the hands, as well as the shoulders and legs. So we get separate training. If the training is not “split”, then most likely, the person loads the entire body from the legs to the head.

Three-day split


Exercises on the chest
Exercises on the chest


Day 1.

  1. Bench press lying wide grip (w / h): first week: 3 sets of 4 repetitions (3 to 4); second week: 4 to 3; the third: 4 to 4; the fourth: 4 to 5; the fifth: we throw 5-7 kilograms on a bar and we run the scheme anew.
  2. Dumbbell bench press: 3 to 8 – 12, if you feel that you can do all three approaches more than 12 times, then it’s time to throw a couple of pounds on the dumbbells.
  3. Dumbbell cultivation in the side lying (“wiring”): 3 to 10. Here, just stretching the “clogged” muscles.
  4. Supertet on triceps – 3 sets.
    Supertet – alternate exercise without interruption between them. That is, you do 10 times the first exercise, then the second, then the third. You rest and repeat everything again. One approach consists of three exercises.
    a). French bench press: 8 – 12 repetitions;
    b). Extension of hands on the upper block: 8 – 12 repetitions;
    at). Rear push-ups from the bench: 12 – 15 repetitions.

Day 2.

  1. Deadlift. By the principle of increasing the sets and repetitions in bench press.
  2. Romanian (dead) thrust: 3 to 10 – 12.
  3. Thrust rod in tilt: 3 – 4 to 8 – 12.
  4. Pulling up the chest (for men), pulling the upper block to the chest (for women): 2 to 10 – 12.
  5. Pulling up the head (for men), pulling the top block behind the head (for women): 2 to 10 – 12.
  6. Shrugger with barbell: 3 to 12.
  7. Supertet on the biceps of the hands – 3 sets.
    a). Flexion of arms with a barbell: 6 – 8 times;
    b). Bending of hands with dumbbells with a turn of brushes: 8 – 10 times;
    at). “Hammer”: 6 – 8 times.

Day 3.

  1. Squats with a bar on the principle of bench press.
  2. Press the legs in the hack machine: 3 by 10 – 12 times.
  3. Flexion of legs in the simulator: 2 to 15 times.
  4. Leg extension in the simulator: 2 to 10 – 12 times.
  5. Ascent to the socks in the simulator: 4 to 20 times.
  6. Supertet on the deltoid muscles of the hands – 3 sets.
    a). Army bar press standing: 8 – 10 times;
    b). The wrestling of Arnold : 8 – 10 times;
    at). Dumbbell cultivation in the sides: 6 – 8 times.

Exercises to dilute the training program

You can also dilute your program (after about a month or two of training) with the following exercises on the appropriate day: push-ups on the uneven bars, concentrated bending of hands from dumbbells, pull-ups, lifting dumbbells to the sides in slope, alternately lifting dumbbells forward.

So my article has come to an end, but I do not say goodbye to you, but I say goodbye. I hope that a three-day split for mass will really help you to find the body of your dreams. If you liked the article – subscribe to the blog updates, and be sure to comment on it. It would be very nice if you shared it with your friends. Good luck.