The technique of running in the morning or how to run properly

Were you ever interested in the question of how to run properly? In the sense of running so as to perform several tasks at once: lose weight and strengthen your body, for example. If you are interested, then continue reading this article.

You know, there is such an expression: “You want to be smart – run. If you want to be beautiful, run. ” There, by the way, there is some addition to this phrase, but I forgot it. But the essence is different: running is a wonderful tool for solving many problems, preventing and improving oneself.



Running as a beautiful body tool

To lose weight, you need to run a lot. So be tuned immediately to a running session with a duration of no less than 20 – 25 minutes. This is necessary for the body to actively burn subcutaneous fat, which begins to decrease only after about 25 minutes of work. It’s so much time to stick to the carbohydrates that came with food and give energy to the body. After the above-mentioned barrier, they begin to be missed and subcutaneous deposits enter the game. Read the article about Three-day split.

Many (probably the most lazy) can say: “Wow, 25 minutes is a lot!”. Although notice, this is the minimum. And nobody forces you to run so that “easy to spit out”. Begin with jogging, but withstood the necessary time, and maybe even more. Then gradually increase the pace of the whole race or accelerate in certain areas: 300 meters jogging, 50 meters acceleration at an average pace (or by time – 3 minutes jogging, 30 seconds – average tempo).

Believe me, by doing such jogging regularly, you can simultaneously strengthen your body, heart and respiratory system, develop endurance and lose weight. Yes, all this can be achieved only by running, increasing the running time, pace or distance. You can also bring something new, for example, running in different ways (zigzags, stepping steps, with jumps and stuff).

Technology is our all

In the early stages, there is no need to talk about any correct technique of running. It’s like swimming : about what technique of movement can there be a speech, if a person can not even hold on to water? Here and here – develop at first at least an initial level of necessary qualities. I’m talking about at least some kind of endurance, willpower.


Benefits of Running
Benefits of Running


After taking the first steps, you can already talk about any technique of running. In most cases, it is approximately the same, if you do not take into account professional runners – everything is much more complicated there.

So, let’s start with the trunk. The trunk at running, even the slowest, is slightly tilted forward, and the faster you run, the stronger it should bend. Although the difference immediately you can not notice – it is calculated in a few centimeters.

The head should be forward, not down, under the feet. This is correct, although it is not important, so do as it is more convenient.

Arms. They as a whole should be relaxed, only biceps are strained, keeping hands in a bent state. Even the shoulders, moving back and forth, should relax. During the run, the direction of the arms movement should be almost parallel to the direction of the run, and not from side to side.

Legs. Running involves a rapid stepping from foot to foot. The longer the leg is in flight (overstepping), the more it rests. Therefore, at a high pace of running, try to walk farther, being in flight as long as possible, but do not do “reindeer race”. Remember, what is it? Well, from the school program? And yes, do not step on the whole foot at once, do as it were rolling from the heel to the toe. And I will not talk about running on my socks – the “calves” will be ill.


Foot position
Foot position


Time for jogging

Each of us has our own rhythm of life, and it is not always possible to run into the “right” time, but we have to do it when there is an opportunity. In such a situation, no matter how. But for those who have free time, I would advise running in the morning. This helps to speed up the toning of the body and nervous system, and also increases the consumption of fatty tissues, because the absorption of nutrients in the morning is great. And on an empty stomach where to get them? It remains only to “use” (use) reserves.

Running in the evening is somewhat wrong. After a couple of hours you will need to go to bed, but you have already “irritated” your body and nervous system, and they have to abruptly calm down, which is not entirely good, but rather it is done gradually.

And I would advise you to choose the optimal time for yourself. For me this morning or somewhere before dinner, because in the evening it is undesirable, and at lunch I am very sleepy, as a rule. Agree, not quite the right time.

Breathing on jogging

At once I will say that it is necessary to breathe so: the breath is carried out by a nose, exhalation – by a mouth. And each of these actions is synchronized with the corresponding foot. For example, breathing in the nose with the right, exhaling with the left. So all breath is lost all less, and breaths in the nose in due course will facilitate to you receipt of oxygen in lungs. In order not to suffocate, it is enough to listen to this recommendation, or simply to reset the pace of the run (but this is for weaklings, I’m joking).


Running benefits
Running benefits


By the way, I want to share with you a little cunning. To understand it fully, do the following: make three breaths-exhalations and remember the difficulty level of inhaling air. Now press yourself on the bridge of your nose and again do the same three breaths and exhalations. Well, it’s easier? This technique can be used in heavy cross-country training, but it is not always recommended to use it – get used to it. And when the time comes to run without it, it will be difficult to adapt.

No, you do not need to keep your finger on your nose during running. It is enough to paste on the bridge of the nose (tightly on both sides of it) a patch or other adhesive fabric that will press on the nose. More than once I noticed that football players playing with a strong opponent do this.

Well. How to run properly You understand – for this I told everything I know, now it remains to subscribe to the blog updates, leave a comment and share this information with your friends in the social. networks. All the best and stay beautiful.