Menu for a week for weight loss for girls and women

Any girl from a very young age dreams of having the perfect body shape and weight loss. Women’s attractiveness is capable of driving men mad. For sure, you also want to look perfect. True? But there are many difficulties and problems that prevent the creation of a personal ideal.

In this article, you can learn how to make your figure beautiful. We will pay special attention to such a process as drying the body. We will find out what products are there for drying the body for women. Consider how to adjust your diet so as to maintain a good appearance of the body. We will compose a list of productsthat will allow to look not only healthy, but also attractive. Agree, these questions are intriguing. So, let’s learn how to become impeccable and happy.



Purpose of drying

The method, which will be discussed today, is very popular. It is a food system that is directed to the instant disappearance of excess fats. The result is a rapid normalization of female weight.


Healthy eating
Healthy eating


Our diet is special in that its purpose is not only to drop unwanted pounds. It is aimed at reducing fat tissue, but the muscle mass was preserved. Therefore, earlier this diet was used even by men who were engaged in sports. Today, drying is especially applicable among the female fair sex. She gives the opportunity, and weight loss, and create an excellent shape for her body. Millions of girls have already chosen this way of weight loss. Read the article about running in the morning.

Drying is a carbohydrate starvation. Caloric content of foods is reduced by lowering carbohydrates entering the human body. For example, sweet food helps to speed up the postponement of fats. Therefore, it is reasonable to abandon such sweets. When you stop consuming glucose, the body forces on the splitting of those fats that have already accumulated.

Principles of drying

The diet includes proper nutrition. But it is also built on a whole complex of actions. For example, this program includes aerobics classes. This is one of the sports, and it is mandatory during the drying of the body.

To eat the same correctly means to eat in small portions, at the scheduled time of day. Eat not more than four or five times a day. At the time of drying, you should increase the intake of water per day. It should be at least two and a half liters. It is also necessary to have a notebook in which you will record the daily number of calories. Before training and after it is not recommended to eat. The interval should be at least two hours.

In the beginning of drying, you should not completely avoid carbohydrates. Do not expose your body to such severe stress. Everything should go consistently.

Supper should be very little, and food should be especially light in the evening. Breakfast is compulsory, you do not need to miss it. It is the main meal. The diet should last up to six weeks. Only at the end of drying the number of carbohydrates will be minimal. Two-thirds of the food should be consumed before lunch hours.


Low-calories food table
Low-calories food table


Difficulties can arise if the amount of glucose is sharply reduced. There is also a need for poise. We cook the food for a couple, cook and strain it. These are the principles of proper drying of the body.


You can not change your diet if you have a kidney, liver, bowel, or stomach disease. If cardiac disturbances are observed, a similar diet is also not applicable. It is also contraindicated for those who have a deficiency in muscle mass. If you have some important event ahead of you, coupled with stress, wait with a diet. Do not waste all the strength of the body. Otherwise, you will exhaust it completely.


Healthy food for weight loss
Healthy food for weight loss


At the time of drying it is better to give up fruits and animal fats. Baking, alcohol, salty foods are unacceptable during the diet period. Protein products are a priority. This is the basis of our nutrition. Porridges are very useful for breakfast. Season it with a small amount of vegetable oil. Only use cold pressed oil. You can also drink tea, just do not put sugar.

Weekly menu

Let’s try to make a menu for one week of drying.

  1. On the first day we eat oatmeal porridge, two squirrels, and tea. In the afternoon we will try to boil the breast. We eat it with cucumber salad. The snack will be a little bit of buckwheat. And for dinner we have fish and braised cabbage.
  2. The next day we eat an omelette with a glass of milk. We have a dinner of boiled beef with a salad of fresh pepper. The snack will consist of fish and asparagus. And for dinner, cottage cheese and yogurt.
  3. The third day we begin with buckwheat and one egg. We have lunch with a soup and vegetable salad. We have cottage cheese for lunch, and a fish dish for dinner.
  4. Day four begins with oatmeal. We have seafood with sour cream. You can have a snack with a light soup. We are eating cottage cheese and yogurt.
  5. The next day we eat omelets and tea. In the afternoon we will try mushroom soup with greens. We’ll limit the snack to a salad, and dinner to a steaming fish.
  6. We begin the sixth day with an egg and a tomato. For lunch we have beans and greens. Afternoon snack with cottage cheese, and dinner with buckwheat.
  7. At the end of the week for breakfast we will prepare oatmeal with raisins. We’ll have dinner with fish and vegetables. The snack will take place with a salad of vegetables. And for dinner squid, and cottage cheese. This is our sample menu, which is suitable for drying.

Further food

For the second week it is better to completely avoid fruits. In the evening, you should eat only cottage cheese or yogurt. Use of boiled fish is acceptable. In the fourth week we reduce the number of cereals per day to six spoonfuls. The fifth week leads to a complete refusal of porridge. In the sixth last week, we remove the dairy products from the diet. Now we can gradually return to the first week of our meals.