How to increase testosterone level for men?

Honestly, I think this topic is quite relevant and interesting, especially for men with a lowered level of growth hormone. Today we will talk about ways to increase testosterone – natural and additional. But about radical methods, sorry, I can not say anything.

Why do you think a man is a man? Why do men have a better metabolism than women, why is the hairline more and muscular over the fat tissue? The answer is obvious – it’s all hormones. Men have testosterone, and women have estrogen.



What is testosterone?

Testosterone – this hormone, also called a male hormone or growth hormone. Responsible for primary and secondary sexual characteristics, behavioral style, sexual orientation, ability to reproduce the genus. This is not all the functions of this hormone.


The effects of testosterone
The effects of testosterone

You see, every name came from a certain area, for example, “growth hormone” is from sport. It is noteworthy that the male hormone, that the female hormone – they are both present in the bodies of boys and girls, but in different, as you understand, quantities. And many men and boys are concerned about the problem of initially low levels of growth hormone or artificially low. How to increase it, I’ll talk just below.

Natural ways to increase testosterone

The first thing that should be paid attention to guys – it’s overweight. Its excessive amount directly affects the level of the male hormone. Therefore, men are respected, if you have problems with this – immediately start actively discarding excess, using programs for weight loss or drying. Even if you begin to just run, swim, ride a bicycle (but in sufficient quantity) – this will already have a positive effect on the hormone.


How to increase testosterone
How to increase testosterone


The second is strength training. So our, guys, organism is arranged, that at heavy trainings or work the organism starts to develop testosterone itself. Therefore, my advice to you – choose a training program for your muscle mass. This will definitely affect the solution of the problem. No wonder that bodybuilders, weightlifters and other “siloviki” call testosterone a growth hormone. You grow – and its level also grows. Read the article about foods, that help for weight loss for girls and women.

By the way, aerobic exercise practically does not influence the growth of testosterone.

The third is proper nutrition and no bad habits. By bad habits I mean alcohol and smoking. Remember that stereotype that excessive drinking leads to an increase in the female hormone in the body of a man? So here is the truth. And it’s not just beer.

With smoking everything is simpler – it elementary suppresses the production of the hormone. Well, the right food on the contrary – accelerates it. By proper nutrition I mean food saturated with protein, vitamins and minerals. Especially worth paying attention to zinc – its lack reduces the production of our hormone.

Fourth. Vitamin D. It’s all very simple – this vitamin is produced under the influence of the sun. Therefore, regular so-called “sunbathing” – a direct way to increase the hormone.

Everyone knows that the sexual organs of dark-skinned guys are somewhat larger than those of whites. They, of course, have it already at the genetic level, but I think you got the connection. In short, you are under the sun for a longer time, if you eat the opportunity, but without consequences for yourself. In moderation, in general.

The fifth is to reduce stress. If you speak very simply, then stop being nervous. Stressful situations have a negative impact on the production of growth hormone by producing cortisol, which counteracts testosterone.

With constant long-term stress, cortisol production becomes the norm, which is prescribed in our “code”, and this will be difficult to correct.

Additional ways to increase testosterone

To the additional ways I attributed some sports supplements and medications. By the way, there are a lot of analogues of drugs that I do not care about, I personally “google it”.

So, sports additive tribulus terestress or just tribulus. It consists of natural ingredients – ground grass, which affects the increase in testosterone levels. Has a tablet form.

From my experience I will say that to maintain the growth hormone at the optimal level (when not low, and not too high – normal) a day is enough only 2 – 3 tablets or capsules. For an emergency increase in the level – 6 tablets. With regular and systematic studies it can be taken by “kul daun” (KD), that is, without breaks.


Testosterone Level
Testosterone Level


This additive can be attributed to the safest drugs, so I put it on the first place.

Next, trybestan. Drug medication, which is also widely used by bodybuilders.

But personally I can not say anything from myself, I did not take it, only I heard it. In general, they say that the drug is effective enough and does not cause any special problems if you hold the course of admission. I will add only that it is better to first read the instructions and rummage through the information on this drug.

Another method is testosterone propionate. It’s a bit more complicated here. First, it is necessary to do injections in all known soft place. Secondly, it is necessary to follow the course. And, thirdly, in comparison with the two above-described drugs, has a high price (considering both syringes and alcohol wipes).

With this drug, you can not exactly “flirt” – with constant use, you may have problems with the natural production of the hormone. The body will simply get used to the fact that the hormone is supplied artificially. So why then do it yourself? Well, you understand.


I hope I was able to help those who were interested in the problem, how to increase testosterone in the body of a man. Combine natural and additional methods for 100% of the result. And for 110% of the result, subscribe also to the blog updates – here you can find a lot of interesting information.