How to do the pull of the block exercise for girls?

Well, since you are here, then, I think, you will be interested to know what the pull of the block for girls means, why it is special and what advantages and disadvantages it has. Also I will briefly tell about the simulator itself, on which it is possible to carry out this very traction. Do you think it’s time to proceed to the main idea?

To achieve something in terms of fitness, sports or physical education, it is necessary to attend gyms and attend regularly, practicing on various block simulators.



What is a block simulator?

This rope simulator. The cable is attached from one side to the handle, and on the other to the units on which you can install the counterweight you need (working weight). It is this simulator that allows you to perform vertical traction, and, as a rule, horizontal too.

For example, such simulators include the gravitron.

What is remarkable about vertical traction for girls?

First of all, it is pumping the muscles of the upper back, secondary impact on certain muscles of the hands, neck. But that’s not all. This exercise opens a good perspective for the weak sex to learn to pull up on the horizontal bar , enter into force for this basic exercise.

Depending on the nature of the loads and goals, the fair sex can work both on strength indicators, and on the so-called “drying” of the upper shoulder girdle and upper back. And yes, it’s also possible to work on the mass , if this is of interest to some of the girls. Don’t know how to lose weight with interval training at home? Read the next article.


Pull of the block exercise for girls
Pull of the block exercise for girls


But in any barrel of honey is a spoonful of what? That’s right, tar. Block simulator, although it proved useful and indispensable, but still it is not working with free weights or with its weight, as in the case of full pulls: the muscles of the abdomen (straight and oblique), as well as the lower back, are excluded from work.

And the traction technique is quite specific for an unprepared person – then the back should be bent, then pull not with biceps, but with shoulder blades … In short, there are a lot of “problems” in technology, but I’ll tell you about them below.

Vertical traction technique

The technique, as I said, is quite specific, but if you master it, then consider that you have achieved certain results. So, let’s begin.

Grasp the handle of the simulator – it hangs above your head or at the face level (it all depends on the height of the simulator), but take care that your palms rest on the arms (that is, wider than the shoulders). Then sit on a special seat, get your knees under the “rollers”, so that the counterweight does not lift you when you lower it.

Immediately I will make a digression. If your task is to maximize the use of the back muscles, then use a wide grip (palms on the folds), and if you want to work in parallel and on the biceps of the hands, forearms, you can use medium or narrow grips. Notice that I did not say about the complete exclusion from the work of those or other muscles. With any grip, they are involved, but to a greater or lesser extent. So, the latissimus muscles of the back and biceps with different grips work constantly, but the load on them lies different. Do you understand what I mean? I think yes.

There is one more nuance. This is a direct or reverse grip. With a back grip, the biceps will be strained to the maximum, and depending on the width – the forearm and different parts of the biceps hands.

We continue studying the technique. What was I stopping at? Ah, yes – you sat down and held the handle of the “block”. After you need to clearly establish your torso, and do not start with fanaticism to lower the handle to the chest.


Pull of the block exercise for girls
Pull of the block exercise for girls


The back should be bent in any case. Are they bent? Now you can move to the torso of the body. Lean slightly backward if you are pulling towards the chest, or forward, if pulling the head. And you did not know that it was possible? Well, I’ll explain how this is done below, although both methods are very similar in performance, but differ in the nature of the influence.

So, you have already strayed a little back, tearing off the necessary weight from the rest of the blocks. Great. Now you are ready to work. Lower the handle to the top of the chest. But it is necessary to pull it as though by hands, and with shoulder blades. To put it more simply, you have to strain the muscles of the shoulder blades, the “trapezoid” and the deltoid muscles, and not the biceps muscles of the hands.

After, you can slowly lower the unit to its original position until almost completely straightened hands. Notice, almost complete.

Pull of the block for the head and chest

These two exercises differ in that they perform differently and affect the muscles of the back. Naturally, when the position of the handle is changed, the muscles work differently. It is generally believed that the traction to the chest affects the width of the back, and the head at its thickness.


Pull of the block exercise for girls
Pull of the block exercise for girls


And if we talk about the details of the muscles, then … to be honest, I do not know what will happen. Try, worse, in any case, will not. Unsubscribe in the comments if you decide to try experimenting.

Weight with pull of the block

The weight of the goal depends on weight. Weight should be small (about 50% of the maximum), if your task is, dear girls make themselves more beautiful. If stronger, then increase it to 70 – 75%. Depending on the weight, the number of approaches and repetitions changes. At a small – it is a lot of, at big – it is less.

The pull of the block of the vertical block for girls can be a wonderful means of achieving their goals. You, as you can see, can work on strength, endurance, relief and mass. The spectrum of the effect of exercise is large, and its potential is inexhaustible.