How correctly to do ellipse exercise for weight loss?

Recently encountered a mass interest ellipse simulator. Therefore, I decided to write an article on the topic “ellipse simulator. How to practice to lose weight. ” I think you’ll like it.

It is impossible to imagine not one of the gyms or fitness centers without ellipse trainers. Due to its versatile impact on the body systems, the basic muscle groups, and the absence of joint injuries, ellipse trainers are in great demand among people with excess weight and wish to extend their peak shape.



What is an ellipse trainer?

To begin with it is worthwhile to figure out what this simulator is. Those who have not met with him, learn how to work with him, and what he can, and those who exploit it constantly, can still, I believe, learn something new.

So, the ellipse is the elliptical trainer, which can act as an instrument for cardio and aerobic loads, can affect weight loss, as well as strengthening the musculature of the whole body. In the common people it is called an orbitrekom.


Ellipse exercise
Ellipse exercise


According to the characteristics of any elliptical simulators are similar, but there is still a difference in the configuration: one may have heart rate sensors, others do not, and so on.

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The range of muscles under study is quite large: both the main groups and the smaller ones. Ellipse are characterized by weight loss, reduction or maintenance of a figure in the best shape, toning of the muscles and healing of certain body systems. But you will not be able to add weight to your muscles. It is possible only to develop endurance – its increase by 20 – 30% of the initial index.

Types of ellipses

As a rule, ellipse simulators are divided into three types: mechanical, magnetic and electromagnetic.

The most modern – electromagnetic. They have a lot of functions, various modifications, and the muscles worked on them are a bit more than on their predecessors.

What can I do on an ellipse?

As I said, you can do “drying” and relief of the body, for strength (it has several levels of complexity), for endurance and for improving the systems of the body.

Studying on it, you may get the impression that you are skiing, but it is not. Rather, the movements are like walking or running. By the way, on the orbitrake it is possible to go not only forward, but also back, pumping the corresponding muscles of the legs.


Ellipse exercise
Ellipse exercise


Joint training also falls within the spectrum of the influence of the orbitrek. Fix your body motionless, continuing to work with your feet, and holding onto the static arms of the simulator. This will allow you to train coordination and strengthen joints.

As for working muscles: as I have already said, practically the whole body is involved – legs, hands, belly and sides, upper body, back and waist. Completely do not work unless the muscles of the neck.

What you need to do to lose weight?

I will say at once. Despite the multifunctionality of the simulator, classes on it will nevertheless proceed monotonously. On the orbitrake you can not do any exercises, as, for example, when running, but there is a plus in that during the session you can watch TV or a series on a nearby laptop.


Ellipse exercise
Ellipse exercise


And you need to do this. Prepare for the fact that lessons on the ellipse will take at least 30 minutes. This is because in the first 20 minutes of work, only those carbohydrates go to the furnace, which were consumed with food several hours before training. But after 20 minutes of work, subcutaneous fat gradually begins to be burned – the reserve of the body, since the carbohydrates have already run out. Therefore, if you want to lose weight, you, dear girls, should spend at least half an hour on the orbit.

In addition, to increase the effectiveness of training, you can apply intervals: change the mode of movement after a certain time. For example, 3 minutes of normal work, 1 minute with fixation of the trunk. Or 3 minutes of normal operation and 1 minute of acceleration. Or 3 minutes of usual – 1 minute on increased complexity.

There are many options, most importantly – try yourself and watch how the body responds to these or other loads. Identify the most fat burning regimen and use it for health.

Hmm, I recently watched from one of the leading trainers a way of complex training. So he included an ellipsoid. The method consisted in the fact that you are engaged on the orbitrek, then get off it, do weightlifters, again jump on it, work, get down and work with the weight of your own body or with a rope, or on simulators. Yes, it does not matter, the main thing is to work nonstop without giving the body static rest.

This is called active rest, when there is a change in activity. For example, on an ellipse trainer, you mostly strained your leg muscles, and, getting off it, started working with dumbbells on your shoulders. Well, you understand the principle.

That is, the loaded feet rest, although you did not stop working completely. Then rest your shoulders, although you have again started to train your feet. And so on. Do you know what I’m going to tell you? This method is extremely effective, and I’m determined to develop it further.

And yet, I will give you one piece of advice. Do not try to immediately work at the maximum difficulty levels or from the first sessions keep a high rate of training. Build it up gradually, not substituting your health “under attack” from the side of physical stress.


Well? There are still questions about what is an ellipse trainer and how to properly engage in order to lose weight? If there is, then certainly ask them in the comments below – I will answer all. And I just have to say goodbye to you and wish to achieve the goals.


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